Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Posted on Jan 21, 2022 by Christine Kijek

Kegel exercises help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It takes time, repetition, and a regular exercise regimen. Read more about pelvic floor muscles training at ADC.

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Manage your incontinence with FSA and save money!

Posted on Feb 24, 2021 by Staff Writer

Buy FSA-eligible incontinence supplies such as Briefs and Diapers, Under Pads, underwear, and other incontinence supplies with your FSA card. know more @ADC

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Auto-Reordering Your Incontinence Supplies with Adult Diapers And Chux

Posted on Feb 24, 2021 by Shweta Chaubey

Choose Auto Reorder Program @ Adult Diaper and Chux and live hassle free life. Buy incontinence supplies with auto reorder & get 5% off. Save Time, Save Money!!

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Top Ten Incontinence Wipes For 2022

Posted on Dec 11, 2020 by Staff Writer

Best Incontinence Wipes For 2022 – Top Ten Products

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Top Ten Incontinence Pads for 2022

Posted on Dec 11, 2020 by Staff Writer

Best Incontinence Pads - Top Ten Products for 2021

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What is incontinence and how to deal with it?

Posted on Nov 22, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

Incontinence is the condition of inadequate urinary control or storage. At we can help you by providing help to deal with various types of incontinence

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Thinking About Urinals And Bedpans? 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Them

Posted on Jul 05, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

Each and every method used to cope with incontinence has its advantages and disadvantages. But each method is in some way effective for the user. One of these many methods is the use of urinals and bedpans. Learn more about urinal and bedpans.

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Traveling and Incontinence

Posted on Jan 09, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Traveling in and of itself can be stressful, but adding the additional stress of incontinence can become extremely worrisome. It could even come to the point where you avoid traveling altogether. This can minimize your quality of life and keep you from seeing the world or missing out on family events and milestones.

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Bedridden Care: Fecal Incontinence

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Kevin Cleary

Fecal incontinence is an inconvenience that can lead to embarrassing situations, as well as serious medical issues. This becomes compounded for those that are bedridden and may not be able to use the toilet.

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Common Myths and Facts about Incontinence

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 by Ayush Henry

It is common to get incontinence in old age - Although the risk of incontinence gets higher with age, anyone can experience symptoms at any time. Proper control on bladder can decrease with reduction in estrogens level (with age). It is a myth that once you hit a certain age number, you are destined to have incontinence.

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