Top Ten Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads trap and hold leaks, to protect you from the discomfort and embarrassment of leakage. They’re easy-to-wear and designed with adhesive to be fixed securely inside your regular underwear. You can peel them off when they need to be changed. These pads are usually referred to as panty-liners and guards when designed for women and men respectively.

Adult Diapers and Chux brings you our top ten incontinence pads that are highly efficient in giving you incredible protection, comfort, odor control, and discretion.

1. Mckesson Unisex Disposable Incontinence Liners

Mckesson Unisex Disposable Incontinence Liners are made with a soft cloth-like backing material. These disposable incontinence pads are designed for light to heavy leakage. The ultra-absorbent polymer core locks away the moisture or wetness and controls the odor by balancing the pH level of urine. These incontinence liners provide added protection against leakage.

Features of Unisex Disposable Incontinence Liners

  • Acquisition layer that absorbs fluid into the core and maintains the dryness
  • Unisex and One size fits most
  • Adhesive patch to hold the liner in place
  • Leg gathers and contoured shape
  • 24-1/2 inches length

2. Always Discreet Maxi Long Liner Pad - Heavy Absorbency

Discreet Maxi Long Liner Pad is designed for women. This incontinence long liner pad is lightly scented, thin and flexible, to fit any body-shape comfortably. The thin design of these Maxi Long Liner Pads does not compromise with the absorbency and is specially designed for bladder leakage. DualLock technology used in Discreet Long Liner Pads allows rapid fluid absorbency.

Features of Discreet Maxi Pad

  • Unique DualLock Core locks away wetness
  • OdorLock technology to neutralize urine odors instantly
  • Designed to provide comfort and protection both
  • Highly recommended for women with sensitive bladder issues

3. Prevail Male Guards - Maximum Absorbency

Prevail Male Guards are designed for men to provide them discreet, reliable, and comfortable bladder protection. The guard can be easily placed inside briefs/underwear, with the attached adhesive strip. The Male Guards have a contoured special cup to fit the body comfortably. MaxSorb technology is the main highlight of this male guard, which keeps it dry. These breathable and odor-free incontinence guards secure to your undergarment and provides care-free mobility.

Features of Maximum Absorbency Male Guards

  • Dri-Fit, easy-to-use and available in discreet grey color for a more masculine look
  • MaxSorb Gel quickly wicks away the wetness away from the skin
  • Specially formulated
  • 100% Breathable AirMax Layer provides the skin to breathe
  • Omni-Odor Guard technology that helps prevent odor before they even start

4. Medline Ultra-Soft Plus Incontinence Liners

Medline Ultra-Soft Plus Incontinence Liners feature soft cloth-like back-sheet for comfort and discretion. The Ultra-Soft Incontinence Liners are designed with an adhesive patch to keep them in place. The acquisition layer locks away fluid and keeps it dry. These incontinence liners have five absorbency levels that include a bariatric option.

Features of Ultra-Soft Plus Liner

  • Body-contoured design for increased comfort and good-fit
  • Wetness indicator displays when change is needed
  • Ultra Absorbent core helps keep moisture away from the skin
  • Latex-free and easily disposable
  • Promotes individualized care

5. TENA Overnight Pads - Heavy Absorbency

Tena Overnight Pads with lie-down protection are made for women. These overnight pads are designed with triple protection against wetness, odor, and leaks. Dry-Fast Core technology with super absorbent polymers helps wick away and trap-in liquid instantly for effective leakage protection. Overnight Pads are recommended for women experiencing post-partum incontinence issues.

Features of Tena Overnight Pads

  • Advanced Odor Protection Technology
  • pH-balanced to prevent odor and promotes freshness
  • Body-contoured design
  • Cushiony side gathers for comfort and security
  • Longer and wider front and back to protect while lying down

6. Attends Butterfly Body Patches

Attends Butterfly Body Patches provide a solution to people experiencing the unpleasant incidences of minor bowel leakage or persistently soiled underwear. The Body Patches comfortably tuck in between the cheeks to capture leakage. The long wings in the Butterfly Patches should always be placed upwards to facilitate hygienic removal.

Features of Butterfly Body Patches

  • Discrete and secure protection for light to moderate accidental bowel leakage (ABL)
  • Absorbent core captures leakage and helps neutralize odor
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Winged design provides simple and clean application and removal
  • Ideal for those with minor fecal leakage

7. Medline FitRight Active Male Guard

Medline FitRight Active Male Guard is anatomically designed with a soft breathable back-sheet for increased comfort and discretion. The Active Male Guard comes with full-length adhesive to hold the guard securely. Individual wrapping allows for easy handling and disposal. This Active Male Guard is built with high absorbent layers to maintain the level of dryness.

Features of FitRight Active Male Guard

  • One-size-fits-all and latex-free
  • Super absorbent core with fast acquisition layer for optimal dryness and protection
  • Adhesive strip for secure fixation in underwear
  • Recommended for light to moderate incontinence

8. Attends Booster Pads

Attends Booster Pads are made of soft and breathable material and should be used only in combination with another absorbent incontinence pad for an extra layer of protection. The Booster Pads adheres directly to the core of another product to boost absorbency. These incontinence booster pads are ultra-thin and come with a light absorbency level.

Features of Attends Booster Pads

  • Odor-blocking technology
  • Full-length adhesive strip to hold the booster in place
  • Individually wrapped for portability and convenience
  • Provides maximum mobility

9. Seni Active Booster Pads

Seni Active Booster Pads are especially for people with bowel and urinary incontinence. The Booster Pads are to be used only with another absorbent product and should not be used independently. These booster pads allow removing the insert that is soiled with stool and leaves the host absorbent product for further use.

Features of Active Booster Pads

  • Highly absorbent and designed anatomically to fit perfectly to the body
  • In some cases recommended for catheterized people with bowel incontinence
  • Skin-friendly and also tested dermatologically
  • Vapor permeable outer layer helps the skin to breathe easily

10. Always Discreet Maxi Contoured Liner Incontinence Liner - Moderate Absorbency

Always Discreet Maxi Contoured Liner is designed for women. It is thin and flexible to fit any body-shape discreetly. It comes in a re-sealable wrapper that provides easy disposal. The full-length leak-guards help prevent the leaks. The Discreet Maxi Contoured Liner is extremely comfortable and promotes body-contouring. It is made with a soft and skin-friendly material to protect you against infection.

Features Always Discreet Maxi Liner

  • Unique RapidDry Technology to absorb leaks and odor in seconds
  • Individually wrapped
  • Secure protection
  • Dermatologically tested


Where to Buy Incontinence Pads Online?

With the right incontinence pads safety, protection, hygiene, and managing leaks become easier. At Adult Diapers and Chux, we have super-absorbent and body-contoured incontinence pads to relieve you from moderate to heavy leakage issues in an efficient way. These incontinence pads are skin-friendly and are available at affordable prices from renowned manufacturers and brands.


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