Wetness Indicators



At Adult Diapers and Chux we have a whole line of incontinence products to which has been added the wetness indicator feature. This is a very useful aspect in a product whereby the indicator alerts the user to the state of the diaper. When the diaper or underwear is soiled, the indicator changes color to signal that it needs changing. This is of particular help to the caregiver, especially when tending to someone who is bed-ridden, and protects the wearer from skin breakdown and rashes. Products with this feature carry the ‘wetness indicator’ sign on the packet.

How do wetness indicators work?

Over the years wetness indicators have been one of the big innovations in the incontinence products. A colored strip present on the diaper as the indicator. It changes color indicating the wetness level which allows either the patient or the caregiver to tell without taking the diaper or brief off if they need to do a change.