Medline Ultrasorbs AP Super Absorbent Premium Disposable Drypads

Medline Ultrasorbs AP Super Absorbent Premium Disposable Drypads

Brand/Manufacturer: MEDLINE INDUSTRIES
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Medline Ultrasorbs AP (Air-permeable) Super Absorbent Premium Disposable Drypads feature a high-strength design that reduces the need for multiple drawsheets for positioning. They protect against leakage and help maintain skin integrity as a part of an overall pressure ulcer prevention program. Ultrasorbs provide superior dryness and containment. These Drypads absorb more moisture and features exclusive fold-over edges to prevent fluid overflow.

Medline Ultrasorbs AP Highlights

  • Latex free disposable underpad
  • Fold-over edges
  • AquaShield film
  • Air-permeable materials for use on low air loss mattresses and specialty support surfaces
  • High-strength backsheet


Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
ULTRASRB2436Z 23" x 36" (58cm x 91cm) 10/Pack $1.14
ULTRASORB2436 23" x 36" (58cm x 91cm) 10/Pack, 7Pk/Case $4.97
ULTRASRB3136Z 30" x 36" (76cm x 91cm) 10/Pack $1.44
ULTRASORB3136 30" x 36" (76cm x 91cm) 10/Pack, 4Pk/Case $4.43
USAP3136LC1 31" x 36" 40/Pack $4.85
USAP2436LC1 24" x 36" 70/Pack $5.81

Why to choose Ultrasorbs AP Disposable Drypads?


  • Ultrasorbs AP Drypads promotes skin wellness over time by managing moisture efficiently.
  • The Extra-large pad absorbs moisture and locks it away from the skin. The drypad feels dry to touch in just a few minutes.
  • Ultrasorbs AP Premium Disposable Underpads feature the AquaShield film that provides leakage protection therefore no double padding is required and fewer linen changes lead to a reduction in laundry costs.
  • AP Premium Drypads lie flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating
  • They are air-permeable helps in drawing heat away from the skin and keeping it cool
  • Effective for use with low air loss mattress system
  • Protects the bedding and permits air flow
  • Keeps the skin dry and reduces potential maceration from moisture build-up.



A full 300 milliliters of water was poured onto a Ultrasorbs dry pad and a typical underpad. After 7 minutes, each pad was touched with a white cotton glove to see how well they lock in moisture. See the results for yourself.

With Ultrasorbs APMedline_ultrasorbs_Features With Traditional UnderpadsMedline_ultrasorbs_Features


What to buy with Medline Ultrasorbs AP Drypads


Benefits of Ultrasorbs Drypads over Traditional Drypads

    Conventional Underpads


    Ultrasorbs Disposable Drypads

  • They shield linens and furniture from body fluids, but may hold moisture against skin
  • They require frequent changes that adds to caregiver burnout and added laundry costs
  • Linen changes can be disruptive to ICU/CCU patients who must not be moved very often.
  • Layering many dry pads for added absorbency may increase the sacral pressure
  • May cause shear or friction if they ball up or adhere to skin.
  • Traditional drypads offer minimal odor control
  • Standard disposable pads are less air permeable, preventing heat from escaping
  • Wetness, leakage, odor may cause patients discomfort and threaten their dignity
Ultrasorbs Disposable Drypads
  • Draws moisture inside and locks it away from skin so that the user feels dry to the touch within minutes
  • Ultrasorbs Can manage multiple voids without leaking, minimizing laundry costs and caregiver burnouts
  • Do not separate, bunch up or adhere to skin even when wet,  reducing friction and shear
  • Offers soft and low-profile, helping reduce pressure buildup beneath the patient body
  • Are air permeable for enhanced skin dryness and comfort
  • Are effective to be used with low air loss mattresses
  • Help enhance patient comfort and preserve patient dignity by controling biological odors.


Medline Ultrasorbs Super Absorbent Drypads User Guide

Medline Ultrasorbs Specifications

Particular Specifications
Absorbency Level Super  Absorbent
Back sheet Color White
Material Air-Permeable
Size 10" x 16", 18" x 24", 23" x 36", 30" x 36"
Latex No
Usage Disposable


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