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Pullups and Underwear

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These pulls ups and underwear are like regular underpants and therefore, quite popular and especially suitable for those who lead an active life and are not confined to the bed. We have pull ups and underwear with different levels of protection. We carry products from recognized manufacturers like Prevail, Medline, Attends etc. who design these protective underwear and incontinence pants in varying styles and levels of protection to safeguard against embarrassing leaks or accidents and provide dependable, discreet safety. Check out the attractive discounts on each product.

Why Choose Pull Ups or Protective Underwear?

  1. Best suited for those who want discretion
  2. Feature an absorbent lining with elastic around waist and legs to contain leaks
  3. Designed to fit in the lifestyle of active adults
  4. Available in several absorbencies and sizes
  5. Suited for light, moderate or heavy bladder/bowel incontinence.
  6. Feels like the regular underwear.