Perineal Care


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Perineal area is prone to infections and thus must be cleaned thoroughly. The care procedure is known as Peri-care or perineal care. This procedure must be performed daily to minimize the risk of infections. If the patient suffers from any type of incontinence, it becomes more crucial to perform peri care more frequently. It can be performed during daily bathing, while using a bedpan or after an incontinence episode.

With regular peri-care the risk of urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections is minimized. It also helps in odor control maintaining the dignity of the patient.

Step By Step Procedure of Performing Perineal Care:

  1. Clean the perineal area moving from front to back. Use warm water and a clean washcloth (or disposible wipes) for cleaning.
  2. If possible, use a fresh wipe for each "swipe". If using a wash cloth, use a clean area of the cloth for each motion, and never move from back to front as this can spread germs and cause urinary tract infection.
  3. Have several wash cloths handy just in case you need more than one.
  4. If the patient has a foley catheter, wipe around and down the tubing. Avoid tugging on the foley as this can be painful and harmful.
  5. When you are finished and the entire perineal area is clean, make sure to thoroughly dry each area as excess moisture can lead to chapping and bed sores.
  6. Moisturizers and creams can help protect this delicate area. Remember to be gentle, as this area of the body is sensitive.
  7. Bed linens can become soiled during perineal care. If so, remove them and launder them along with the wash cloth. An underpad can work as a moisture barrier between your loved one and the bed linens.

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