Odor Eliminators



Another add on problem that comes with Urinary Incontinence is Odor. While Incontinence control products can help you lead a normal life, odor elimination products allow you to continue your lifestyle without the fear of an odor from your incontinence product. While body cleanliness is very important, in case an incontinence accident happens, the secure feeling that you do not have an odor is also important. Pack in a small spray bottle of the odor eliminator for just that time when you need it. These odor eliminators sprays don’t mask the smell with a scent, they eliminate the order. They are available in a variety of sizes in spray bottles.


What Causes Incontinence Diapers to Smell Bad?

It is generally seen that people with incontinence issues have a tendency to limit fluids in order to control the troublesome leakage. This makes urine highly concentrated, dark yellow in color and with a bad odor. The incontinence product that absorb this concentrated urine are unable to control this odor. Hence it is advised to have 6-8 glasses of water per day. Diluted urine will not have such an unpleasant, difficult to control odor.

Sometimes, Infection is also a cause of foul-smelling urine. A strong or foul-smelling odor may indicate a possible urinary tract infection. If an infection goes untreated, it can sometimes damage the kidneys. Consult your physician if the foul smell persists.


How Do I Control Biological Odors From Urine And Feces?

A combination of good personal hygiene and use of commercially-prepared cleansers and deodorants can prove to be a good solution for odors. Personal hygiene includes overall body cleanliness and the use of fresh, clean undergarments daily are essential. After voiding or having bowel movements, wipe thoroughly from front to back. Clean the area after each pad or appliance change with a gentle cleanser — rinsing and drying thoroughly. Use a moisturizing cream if the skin is dry or reddened.

For further skin protection, a protective ointment may be applied to the skin as a final step. Keeping skin, appliances, and pads clean and frequently washed or changed is a must to prevent odors.

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