Overnight Protection

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Urinary incontinence is a stressful experience. And when it comes to turning in for the night, incontinence can turn your sleep time that is supposed to be restful and enjoyable into a nightmare. Absorbent diapers and briefs, designed for nighttime use and protection, can help you avoid embarrassing and irritating messes at night. Here are some products that may help you in dealing with nighttime incontinence in a better way. They are highly absorbent and minimize the need for frequent diaper changes so that you can have a good and restful night’s sleep.

Overnight Incontinence Adult Diapers and Briefs

Keep your clothing, bedding and perineal area dry with absorbent incontinence briefs — and overnight pull ups for adults. They offer a convenient way to manage overnight urinary incontinence.

These adult diapers and briefs provide maximum protection from heavy urine flow! Those who face uncontrolled emptying out of the bladder completely multiple times a day require maximum or overnight protection. Our products come complete with:

  • Leakage barriers,

  • Wetness indicators,

  • Stay-dry liners,

  • Multi-layered system,

  • Vinyl knit barrier,.

  • Quilted look and feel.

Special underwear or pull up pants provide complete protection and are armed with extraordinary features like super absorbent gel core, polymer and cellulose fibers for extra absorbency, innovative three-layer core for quick acquisition speed plus advanced odor protection.