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Choose from the finest quality of Incontinence liners & pads,pantiliners, bladder control pads, booster pads, maternity pads and male guards. They are designed to keep you active and dry all day long.

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Incontinence liners and pads are the best protection against comparatively lighter incontinent problems. We bring you the finest quality of these with a variety that will spoil you for choice. Our collection promises discretion and dignity which come to you at an affordable cost. Included are pantiliners, bladder control pads, booster pads, maternity pads and male guards. They have been manufactured by top brands in the business. These are guaranteed to keep your lifestyle active and normal and give you back your freedom!

Types of Incontinence Liners and Pads available:


Pantiliners are versatile, high quality and cost-effective solution for light incontinence! They are meant for occasional, light leakages or dribbles and have been designed to be most discreet and provide the right amount of protection. These liners are slimmer and smaller than the usual incontinence pads but have a super-absorbent core that locks away wetness and odor leaving you feeling dry and fresh. Its slenderness and lightness allow you to lead an active life without being aware of its presence. Try Hartmann Dignity Plus Super  for moderate incontinence protection or Medline Double-Up Incontinence Thin Liners to add absorbency to disposable briefs and undergarments for extended protection.

Bladder Control Pads

Bladder Control Pads are available in different absorbency levels and types. These pads have soft, quick-dry top sheet and an ultimate absorbency that locks away fluid quickly. A variety of bladder control pads including slim and less bulky and those with dual layer leak lock core to keep you dry and protected are available. And then there are those with odor protection property with patented NOPCO micro encapsulation technology. Start with best rated products like Medline FitRight Bladder Control Pads Maximum or TENA Night Super Maximum Absorbency Pads and get the protection that you desire.

Maternity Pads:

Maternity pads provide soft, post-partum care and secure protection for postpartum bleeding. These pads are fluffy and have an absorbent core to quickly wick the moisture away leaving the skin feeling dry. The gentle nature of these pads keeps the skin soft and eliminates the risk of rashes. The innovative fluid dispersement system targets maximum absorbency and leaves no room for any discomfort or insecurity.

Male Guards

Male Incontinence Guards are designed specifically to fit over the penis thus providing discretion and rustle-free protection right where it is needed the most. These guards can be worn in close-fitting underwear and are ideal for those with light incontinence, thus eliminating the need for full diapers and pads. They are comfortable and easy to use and their advanced core design keeps the skin dry and controls odor.