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We have a whole line of incontinence supplies. From underpads and odor eliminators to wipes and washcloths… from diaper disposal and perineal care to bladder stimulators and bedwetting alarms.

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At Adult Diapers Store, we care for you and that is why we have taken minor details into account before stocking up for you. We have a whole line of incontinence supplies that are must-have items in every incontinence product user’s cupboard. From underpads and odor eliminators to wipes and washcloths… from diaper disposal and perineal care to bladder stimulators and bedwetting alarms… we have them all. You will find your favorite manufacturers featured here so shopping will be a pleasure!


Wipes & Washcloths

A huge range of wipes and washcloths to facilitate cleansing and hygiene for incontinent sufferers. We carry products from top manufacturers which promote healthy and sanitized skin. Our products are designed to help sensitive skin stay clean and moisturized and at the same time, prevent skin breakdown. There are dry wipes and wet wipes, disposable washcloths and scented wipes, sponges and cloth with dimethicone.


Perineal Care

Find here a full range of barrier creams, moisturizers and cleansers for Perineal Care. These products are formulated to keep the perineal area healthy and free from infections.


Drip Collectors

Drip collectors are absorbent pocket designed for male incontinence or light bladder control. It may have adhesive backing or specially designed brief to hold in place. A drip collector is a padded sheath that is highly absorbent and goes around the penis.


Urinals and bed pans:

Shop and save big on bedpans and urinals, portable urinals, and much more! Adult Diapers & Chux offers a wide variety of designs and styles, perfect for those who are bed ridden or struggle with mobility. The range also contains convenient specimen collectors with measurements.


Bedwetting Alarms

We provide a completely dry solution to bedwetting problems with our bedwetting alarm devices. These are specially designed alarm systems for people with inability to control moisture and leakage. The device emits an auditory or perceptible signal in response to moisture.


Bladder Stimulator

People with bladder control issues can handle incontinence leakage and overflow better with bladder stimulators. These devices are used to start off urination and thereby, empty out the bladder. The gadget works by placing the unit on the lower abdomen and pressing it against the skin. Pulsing or vibration motion initiates urination. People with overactive bladders or urinary retention problems will find this useful.


Odor Eliminators

While body cleanliness is very important, in case an incontinence accident happens, the secure feeling that you do not have an odor is also important. Pack in a small spray bottle of the odor eliminator for just that time when you need it. These odor eliminators sprays don’t mask the smell with a scent, they eliminate the order. They are available in a variety of sizes in spray bottles.


Diaper Disposal

Keep the environment odor free and hygienic with our diaper disposal products! We have items that offer hands-free and hygienic dumping of adult sized briefs, pad and other incontinence items. The used diaper is dropped into the pail by stepping on a foot pedal and is then locked in along with the odor through a double-sealing lid system. The pail is made of a sturdy material and is easy to clean and sanitize.