Incontinence Pants


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Incontinence pants are the kind of products that would suit active people – just pull on the pants and get going. These will take care of your incontinence needs with their built-in pad which is highly absorbent and will guard you against any leakage.

Types of Incontinence Pads:

Adults Diapers and Chux carries all types of incontinence pants for men, women, youth and unisex. These Adult Pull Up Pants are waterproof, machine washable, reusable or disposable, latex free and discreet. Available in mesh, knit and cotton snap styles. Created by top manufacturers of incontinence products like Medline, Prevail and TENA.

How Often Should You Change Incontinence Pants?

It is always advised that you change Incontinence Pants often to protect your skin. You should always change an incontinence pant when it is wet as it can leave your fragile perineal skin irritated and cause a diaper rash.

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