Briefs with Plastic Backing

A whole line of high quality diapers, briefs from well-established makers of incontinence products. All levels of absorbency covered with our range which is available gender specific and unisex type.


What are Adult Diapers with Plastic Backing?

We carry a huge assortment of briefs which have a plastic outer covering. These types of diapers provide maximum protection against wetness with the plastic keeping the moisture and odor inside. They are comfortable and now available with improved fluid management. They feel soft to touch and therefore, are gentle on the skin. Check out our range which includes products with a capacity to absorb heavy moisture all through the night while keeping the skin dry and comfortable stretch poly backing to ensure comfortable movement. Breathable side panels ensure good airflow for a healthy skin.

Why choose Adult Briefs with Plastic backing?

Superior Leak Protection – These poly backed briefs can hold heavy urinary voids, ideal for those looking for a heavy-duty protective brief. Plastic-backed diapers are usually stronger and do not tear as easily.

Odor Control - The plastic exterior of these incontinence diapers help contain smells. Wetness and odors are usually better contained by poly backed briefs as compared to breathable products.

No Sagging - Plastic helps retain the shape of the diaper and hence prevents the brief from sagging, even when soiled. This makes wearing plastic-backed briefs under clothing easier and more comfortable. If you are looking for discretion, a plastic backed brief may be a good choice.

Best Suited for Bowel Incontinence - If you or your loved one are managing Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or a similar condition, plastic tab-style briefs have the ability to better contain fecal incontinence and urinary incontinence.

Adds Peace of Mind - Side sleepers or those struggling with everyday leaks, can benefit from the leak guards included in most plastic-backed briefs.


Where to buy Plastic-Backed Adult Briefs online?


Adult Diapers & Chux features heavy absorbent plastic-backed diapers, which tend to leak less from top manufacturers like Cardinal Health, Principle Business, Abena, and many more.