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Dealing with Incontinence as We Age
The saying goes: With age comes wisdom. While that might be true, age can also bring on some ...
Curing that Stress – Treating Stress Incontinence
There are some behavioral changes that one can imbibe that can improve the condition of stress incontinence. Firstly ...
Here’s a whole array of perineal care products designed to help maintain healthy perineal skin in bedridden and incontinent patients.Includes cleansing lotions, antimicrobial ointment&moisture barrier
We have a vast collection which is available in different styles and sizes. Established brands like Attends, Tena, Prevail, Hartmann, Kendall, Salk and Medline and more are featured here.
We carry products from recognized manufacturers who have designed protective underwear and incontinence pants in varying styles and levels of protection to safeguard against embarrassing leaks.
We bring you the finest quality of Incontinence liners & pads,pantiliners, bladder control pads, booster pads, maternity pads and male guards.They have been manufactured by top brands in the business.
We have a whole line of underpads/chux, that are available in both the reusable and disposable type.These underpads are made out of high-quality material which is gentle on the skin.
A huge range of wipes and washcloths to facilitate cleansing and hygiene for incontinent sufferers. We carry products which promote healthy and sanitized skin.
This section offers wide range of top quality cloth briefs, pull ups, briefs with tabs for women, reusable incontinence panties, pantyliners and more women's incontinence products.
Includes reusable & disposable pads and diapers for men that are for just about any type of incontinence. Snap style briefs, Reusable briefs, disposable pull-ups & briefs with tabs are few of them.