X-top For Men - Male Incontinence Pouch

X-top For Men - Male Incontinence Pouch

Brand/Manufacturer: MCAIRLAID'S INC
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

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X-top For Men Incontinence Pouch is a secure, comfortable leak-free fit for peace of mind. Each x-top sheath can be adjusted to fit perfectly, so there is no shifting, slipping, or leaks. Any liquid is quickly absorbed and locked away in x-top’s innovative, super-thin gel core Men Incontinence Pouch helps males with all types of incontinence problems.

Why Choose X-top For Men Urine Pouch?
  • Thin and discreet X-Top incontinence pouch
  • Super absorbent
  • X-Top for men is 100% leakproof
  • Re-sealable fastener gives a secure fit
  • Penis is completely covered for security against leakage
  • Latex free male incontinence pouch


Features of X-Top Male Incontinence Pouch

  • Innovative ergonomic shape provides extraordinarily reliable, discreet protection for a complete sense of security
  • Features patented super-absorbent core (SuperCore) which is entirely free from latex, glue, and binders
  • Sheaths are dermatologically tested and latex free to avoid common perineal skin irritants
  • Flexible fastener can be opened and re-fastened, and attaches anywhere on the sheath, for a perfect fit quickly
  • Outside surface of the sheath is coated with a breathable, waterproof material which keeps leakages and odors safely locked away
  • Sheath is just 1.5mm thick and made of PE, which is soft on the skin and hypoallergenic
  • Super-absorber polymer in SuperCore can soak up as much as 30 times its weight in liquid and converts liquid into gel, keeping it all locked away inside
  • Single-use product
  • Pocket-sized and easy to carry


What to Buy with X-top Men Incontinence Pouch


How to Use X-top For Men Urine Pouch?

Donning Instructions:

  1. Pull the x-top sheath over the penis as far as possible.
  2. Adjust and secure the fastening, fitting it closely so it does not slip.
  3. Wear snug-fitting underwear that will support your x-top, avoid boxer shorts.
  4. Change the x-top when needed, but at least once a day.
  5. Dispose of used x-tops with regular household waste.

Note: In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, stop use immediately.

FAQs About X-Top Male Incontinence Pouch

Is x-top suitable for all types of male urinary incontinence?

x-top has been designed to effectively control any leakage that might result from loss of bladder control. It comes in three levels of absorbency: moderate, heavy and overnight. But x-top isn’t designed to replace visiting the toilet!

How is urine absorbed and how can x-top incontinence pouch absorb such large amounts?

The SuperCore technology lets each x-top sheath absorb an amazing amount. This core is made from super-absorbent polymers, structured to draw liquid up through the fabric and spread out equally across the whole sheath.

Can x-top leak through its seams?

No, x-top can’t leak that way, as it’s ultrasonically sealed. So it’s 100% leakage-free.

Can x-top male incontinence pouch cause skin irritation?

X-top pouches are dermatologically tested and latex-free, to avoid common skin irritants. But in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, stop use immediately.

X-top For Men Specifications

Absorbent Capacity

Light Absorbency

Backing Material







Level 1, Light, 50mL, Level 2, Moderate, 100mL, Level 3, Overnight, 150mL

Topsheet Material









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