Attends Butterfly Body Patches

Attends Butterfly Body Patches

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Attends Butterfly Body Patches provide a simple solution for people who experience the unpleasant surprise of minor bowel leakage or persistently soiled underwear. The Butterfly Patches tucks comfortably between the cheeks to capture leakage and help neutralize odors so that one can be your comfortable, confident self.

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Why choose Attends Butterfly Body Patches?

  • Absorbent core captures leakage and helps neutralize odor
  • Secure: They tuck comfortably and adhesive adheres to skin for a secure fit
  • Hygenic: Unique winged design provides simple and clean application and removal
  • Can be easily disposed
  • Ideal for those suffering with minor bowel leaks

What to buy with Attends Butterfly Patches?

How to use Butterfly Absorbent Patches?

  1. Peel off the paper backing and fold the Attends Butterfly patch in half with the adhesive on the outside of the fold. Hold the Butterfly patch so that, when in position, the Long Wings are facing up towards your back for easy removal.
  2. Reach around (or reach between your legs) and use your finger to guide the center of the Butterfly patch to your anus. Press adhesive to secure the Butterfly patch to your cheeks. It may take a few tries to learn how to position the Butterfly patch just right.

Recommended Techniques for Butterfly Patches

When Butterfly patches are placed correctly, the center of the Butterfly patch should touch your anus. The adhesive should gently cling to your skin. The Long Wings should face upward for easy, hygienic removal. The Short Wings should be out of the way of your stream of urine. Here are some additional tips of how to apply Butterfly patches
  • Between the Legs Grab in the middle of outside wings. Bend it, sticky side out, long wings up, forefinger behind the absorbent core. Reach between your legs and tuck the patch all the way up between your cheeks.
  • Around the Back Grab in the middle of outside wings. Bend it, sticky side out, long wings down, forefinger behind the absorbent core. Reach around and tuck the patch all the way up between your cheeks.
Common Misconceptions:
  • Do not wear it long wings down. The long wings are meant to go up for maximum comfort and easier removal.
  • The adhesive should not touch your hand. Make sure the adhesive side is facing out when you fold and insert the patch.
  • Do no stick Butterfly to your underwear. It's not a panty liner.
  • Do not flush it down the toilet. Properly dispose of Butterfly in the trash can.

Attends Butterfly Body Absorbent Patches?

Do I wear the Butterfly patch adhered to my underwear?

No. The Butterfly patch is made to be tucked up between your cheeks with its absorbent core gently touching your anus. This puts the protection right where the problem is, absorbing minor bowel leakage and helping neutralize odors.

How do I keep the Butterfly patch from getting wet when I urinate? (for women)

Make sure you’ve got the ‘Long Wings’ facing up towards your back, and the absorbent core gently touching your anus. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider either trying a smaller size or removing the Butterfly patch before you urinate.

Will I get used to the feeling of wearing a Butterfly patch?

At first, you may find the feeling of something in between your buttocks unusual. But hang in there. When placed correctly, the Butterfly patch should feel comfortable. If it’s not, be sure to check that you have the center of the Butterfly patch tucked all the way up between your buttocks with its absorbent core touching your anus and the adhesive gently adhered to your skin.

Are Butterfly patches flushable?

No, Butterfly patches are not safe to flush and they are not septic-safe. Please dispose in the trash.

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