Frequently Asked Questions on Pads and Liners

What is an Incontinence Pad?
An incontinence pad is a small, impermeable multi-layered sheet with high absorbency that is used as a precaution against Urinary incontinence. These are usually placed in an undergarment or on a bed or chair under a person.
What are incontinence pads made of and how they work?
Pads have an acquisition layer which promotes the fast passage of urine through to the inner core of the pad, and also allows the dispersion of fluids into the absorbent core. The absorption core usually contains a Super Absorbent Powder as well. This locks away the fluid in the form of a gel keeping the user’s skin dry.
What is the use of incontinence pads for Men?
Incontinence pads for men, or male guards, can help protect against dribbling after urination. They are designed specifically for men and to fit and form over the penis, Male urine guards feature discreet and rustle-free protection right where men need it most.
What is the use of incontinence pads for Women?
Incontinence pads for women look similar to the ones used for menstrual periods, and fit into your regular underwear using an adhesive strip. But unlike menstrual pads, absorbent pads are specially designed to absorb urine leaks. They can be changed throughout the day, similar to a menstrual pad. They work best for light urine leakage.
What are Overnight Pads?
Overnight Pads are designed to provide outstanding nighttime protection. They have special shape with wider ends that gives more protection in the front and back and has absorbing pores in the center to help prevent leaks.
How do I use Pads?
The Liners sit on top of the pad, so all you have to do is swap it out from liner when it gets wet, which can be easily done as often as desired, throughout the day.
What is a Panty Liner?
A panty liner is similar to a pad, but a little lighter, thinner and not used to soak up too much of liquid.
How do I use Panty Liners?
To attach your Panty liner, simply fasten the snaps around the gusset of your underwear.
How do they stay in place?
  • Simply wrap the wings around the gusset of your underwear, and fasten the snaps underneath.
  • The snaps should be on the outside of your underwear, not against your body.
  • The soft fleece panel down the middle of your pad or pantyliner should always face up towards your body as this is the most absorbent part of it.
  • Wear snug or close fitting cotton underwear which should not be tight and not baggy either, with your pads, as this will help ensure that they stay in close contact with your body and don't shift.
How do I choose the right products for my needs?
Shop by Category to browse our specialized product recommendations for the following:
- By Level of Protection: Light, Medium, Heavy, Overnight and Day time
- By use type: Disposable or re-usable
- By Specialty groups: Med, women and Unisex
- By Size: Standard, Large, Fits All, Ultra Plus, Small, X-Plus
What size should I choose?
Measure the length of the product that you are currently using and choose the Pad or Pantyliner that is of similar length.