Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device

Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device

Brand/Manufacturer: PACEY CUFF
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Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device is ergonomically designed that applies pressure only to the urethra cutting off urine flow, not the blood flow and eliminates possible blood supply restriction pain and damage to the penis. It is an updated urethral control device that aims to offer an effective, durable, and easy-to-use solution to urinary incontinence in men. The pacey cuff ultra is created with extra neoprene padding and a robust anti-pinch flap at the strap guide to protecting the skin and is fully adjustable.

Why choose Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Incontinence Clamp?

  • New compression thumb tab to help achieve the best fit
  • Protects blood circulation to the penis
  • Gives confidence back
  • Stops most leaks
  • Comfortable, closed-cell padding

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
SUCD-U Small Cuff with Power Sleeve Each $4.54
LUCD-U Large Cuff with Power Sleeve Each $4.59
MUCD-U Medium Cuff with Power Sleeve Each $4.77

Pacey Cuff Ultra Penis Clamp Benefits



  • Rule your body and assert control over your incontinence. Our patented design allows for 24-hour dependability and control of leakage, effectively eliminating day-to-day issues related to incontinence.




  • The most comfortable product on the market, and the most mobile option as well. You’ll never have felt this amount of comfort and flexibility with any other protective product on the market. Be liberated from your incontinence, and be free to take on the world with nothing holding you back.




  • Live life on YOUR terms, not your body’s. Utilizing a revolutionary design, the Pacey Cuff stands out from the competition on a whole different level. With its unique form factor, Pacey Cuff has zero negative effects on the way you live your life.



How does the Pacey Cuff works?


  • The Pacey Cuff uses a urethral pressure pad (bottom) to apply pressure to the urethra and stem the flow of urine
  • The fenestrated hood (top) of the Pacey Cuff ensures the circulation in the penis is not blocked
  • As the bladder fills, the pressure increases, resulting in possible leakage. The Pacey Cuff is most effective when you empty your bladder at regular intervals

Pacey Cuff Penis Clamp Contraindications

  • Poor blood supply to the pelvic area
  • Diabetes may cause vascular disease, sensory loss, and skin issues
  • Neurologic deficiency or drug use may limit the use of the Pacey Cuff


What to buy with Incontinence Clamp Device


Also Available:



How to use Pacey Cuff Ultra Incontinence Clamp?

  1. Wrap the Pacey Cuff around your penis first. The compression pad should be put on the penis's bottom.
  2. Tighten the cuff to the desired tension to prevent leakage and protect the foam strap.
  3. To prevent pinched skin, make sure the foam padding is folded down and any pinched skin is pulled out of any creases before tightening the straps.


How to adjust Pacey Cuff Urethral Control Device?

If you have difficulty with leaking then follow these steps -



  1. Take off the pacey cuff and turn it over to view the bottom. You can adjust the urethral compression pad by sliding it towards four for more tightness or towards one for less tightness
  2. Make adjustments in small increments, because even a small adjustment can make a big difference
  3. After adjusting, re-apply the pacey cuff and power sleeve


How to clean Pacey Cuff urethral Control Device for Male?

Urine is sterile, so a quick wash with warm water would suffice. The Cuff can be worn when bathing or showering, but it must be dried afterwards.

Diffrence between Pacey Cuff Ultra & Pacey Cuff Turbo

  Pacey Cuff Turbo Pacey Cuff Ultra
NEW Compression thumb tab to help achieve your best fit No Yes
Extra durable neoprene padding replaces foam No Yes
Enhanced anti-pinch flap at strap guide improves skin protection No Yes
6-8 Month use No Yes
Patented design ensures circulation protection Yes Yes
Unique anti-pinch designed urethral pressure pad Yes Yes
Comfortable, closed cell padding Yes Yes
Power Sleeve protective barrier included with each Cuff for added comfort and control Yes Yes
4-6 Month use Yes Yes


Pacey Cuff Size Chart

Measurement is mid-shaft, around relaxed (flaccid) penis.

Size Inches
Small 1" - 2.75"
Medium 2.75" - 4"
Large 4" - 5.5"

Minimum length required for each size.



Size Inches
Small 1.25"
Medium 1.75"
Large 2"



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