Goodnites NightTime Underwear For Girls
Goodnites NightTime Underwear For Girls

Goodnites NightTime Underwear For Girls

  • FSA Approved

Goodnites NightTime Underwear For Girls are designed for nighttime protection, better fit, and odor absorbency for more discretion. The underwear-like fit of these underwear protects kids from nighttime wetting, while the absorbent insert and leak guards provide additional wetness protection.

5 Reasons to buy Goodnites Girls' Bedwetting Underwear

  1. #1 nighttime protection brand
  2. 40% more absorbent than the leading training pants
  3. Set the stage for a peaceful night's sleep
  4. Unscented and elemental chlorine free
  5. Disposable - no mess

Item #DescPkgPrice 
41314 Small/Medium, Jumbo 14/Pack $33.99 $18.80
40532 Small/Medium, Giga Pack 44/Case $70.55 $47.99
41314 Small/Medium, Jumbo 14/Pack, 4PK/Case $96.75 $73.64
41316 Large/X-Large 11/Pack $29.99 $17.99
41316 Large/X-Large 11/Pack, 4PK/Case $96.99 $67.89
40534 Large/X-Large, Giga Pack 34/Case $70.55 $47.99

Why choose Goodnites NightTime Underwear For Girls?

  • Five Layer Protection - Girls Goodnites NightTime Underwear offer 40% more protection and absorbency to help make nights easier for your daughter.
  • Super Stretchy Sides - Girls Goodnites feature super stretchy sides helping to fit many body shapes and sizes.
  • Double Leg Barriers - Double leg barriers help prevent leaks when your child moves in their sleep.
  • Odor Absorbing - Goodnites has extra absorbency to lock away wetness, and absorb odors for extra discretion.
  • Zoned Protection - Bedtime Pants help provide protection in areas where girls need it the most.
  • Fun Prints and Patterns - Your daughter will love the cool prints featuring their favorite characters!

What to buy with Girls NightTime Underwear?

Goodnites Girls Bedwetting Underwear FAQs

Q: What is bedwetting?

A: Bedwetting is caused when the brain and bladder don’t communicate correctly while a child is asleep. It’s developmental and in most cases will go away in time. Talk to your pediatrician for more tips and info on bedwetting.

Q: What are Goodnites?

A: Goodnites are disposable nighttime underwear specifically designed to fit and provide protection for children who only wet at night.

Q: Should you talk to your doctor about bedwetting?

A: Yes, it’s important to speak with your child’s doctor and figure out the best management program for your family. Be sure to include your child, too. When kids hear they’re not alone, it instills confidence and understanding about the condition.

Q: Why should I choose Goodnites Nighttime Underwear instead of training pants?

A: While Pull-Ups are ideal for potty training, Goodnites are best for nighttime accidents. Our small sizes provide a better fit and offer 40% more protection that the leading training pants, so even when lying down kids are less likely to leak.

Q: What advice do you have for parents?

A: Trust yourself and don’t put too much pressure on how you think it’s supposed to go. Every child is different. If your little one is still wet at night, just know you are not alone and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about - they will grow out of it!

Cautions - Choking may result from anything children put into their mouths. To avoid risks of choking, do not allow your child to tear the underpants. Discard any torn or unsealed pant. Like most articles of clothing, disposable underpants burn if exposed to flames. Always keep your child away from any source of flame. To avoid suffocation, keep plastic bags away from children.

Goodnites Bedtime Pants Size Chart For Girls

SizeClothing SizeChild Weight
Small/Medium4 to 838-65 lbs. (17-29 kg)
Large/X-Large8 to 1460-125 lbs. (27-57 kg)

Goodnites Girls NightTime Underwear Specifications

AbsorbencyHeavy Absorbency
ApplicationAbsorbent Underwear
Backing MaterialCloth-Like Backing
ColorFun Graphics Print
Leg StyleElastic Gathers
StylePull On with Tear Away Seams

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