Frequently Asked Questions on Underpads

What are Underpads?
Underpads are disposable or reusable flat pads with an absorbent layer on one side and a moisture barrier on the other. These are designed to cover mattresses, chairs, or other furniture, thus protecting furnishings against urine leaks.
What are Underpads made of?
They are made of absorbent materials such as fluff wood pulp and hydrogel absorbent with viscose rayon, polyester, polypropylene, or polyethylene coverstock.
What are the basic types of Underpads?
There are two main types of under pads known as disposable underpads and washable pads.
What are Disposable Underpads?
Disposable underpads are a single use product that is discarded after the pad has been soiled and collected the moisture. These are frequently used when changing a patient’s diaper.
What are Washable Bed Pads?
These underpads can be washed and re-used. These pads can be put under the patient when they sleep at night or to protect the bed from soiling during diaper changes. If used at night they are put on top of the bottom sheet and the patient lies on top of it.
What are Light Absorbency Underpads?
Light Absorbency Underpads have side tape tabs for optional use as non-fitted brief. It is packaged as a wingfold brief and pulls apart as an underpad for ultimate versatility. Soft, cloth-like topsheet covers entire surface to promote healthy skin.
What are Breathable Underpads?
Breathable Underpads have breathable backsheet that allows air to freely circulate, keeping skin dry, cool and comfortable. They allow patients to garner the benefits from an air therapy bed. These underpads are soft and quiet for enhanced comfort and dignity.