Frequently Asked Questions on Protective Underwear and Pants

What is Protective Underwear?
Protective Underwear looks and feels like your regular underwear. It is made of a revolutionary soft, stretchy fabric, combining a pad and underwear in one. It is as easy to pull on as it is to pull off. Just tear open the side seam on one or both sides and they are ready to dispose of.
What are Mesh Pants?
Mesh Pants are a part of a two-piece system to hold absorbent pads firmly in place. They provide a close, comfortable fit with more breathability than regular underwear.
What is Absorbency Women Underwear?
Absorbency Women Underwear is specially made to fit the shape of a women. It features comfortable oval-cut leg openings and protection where user needed it most.
What is Absorbency Men Underwear?
Absorbency Men Underwear is designed for men with moderate to heavy bladder weakness. The efficient, highly absorbent target zone with micro beads ensures protection where it is needed the most, while advanced odor protection technology fights odors. The comfortable waist band is soft, stretchable and narrow like regular briefs.
What are Adult Reusable Incontinence Knit Pants?
These are washable reusable pants that are made of a blend of cotton and spandex material and appear and feel like regular underwear, providing comfort and dignity for the wearer. These seamless pants eliminate the potential for pressure points, thus enhancing wearer comfort.