Nu-Hope brand is a leader in designing quality ostomy products considering the requirements of every specific condition like a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy and parastomal hernias. It has the largest and the best assortment of

  • Ostomy pouches
  • Skin Barriers
  • Hernia and Ostomy Support Belts
  • Neonatal Ostomy Products
  • Adhesives
  • Accessories
  • Non-Adhesive Pouches
  • Fistula Pouches


Nu-Hope belts come in multiple heights and hole sizes, varied hole placements, and different materials to suit any stoma type and just about any parastomal hernia stage. Its skin barrier is developed of special materials designed to provide the most comfortable skin protection and seal available.


About Nu-hope - Authorized Retailer

Edmund Galindo founded Nu-Hope Laboratories in 1959 after developing his own ostomy devices that allowed him to return to work and the golf course.

The name Nu-Hope is derived from Ed's wife's name, Hope, and the idea that they were providing "new hope" to others in need.

Nu-Hope Laboratories has been providing personalised customer service to Ostomates, their nurses, caregivers, and families since 1959. Their ostomy products are designed and made in the United States.

The Company works with WOC nurses, doctors, and caregivers to find the best solution for each patient. Product line includes ostomy pouches, support belts, and accessories. Personalised solutions for support belts and pouches are also provided.