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What are Adult Diapers?

Adult Diapers Store specializes in incontinence briefs & diapers and carries almost all possible types. We have a vast collection which is available in different styles & sizes. Established brands like Tena, Prevail, Fit-Right, Kendall, and more are featured here. Choose from fitted or tab style briefs; pick between prefold or flat fold diapers. There is the belted & beltless variety, too. Someone looking for briefs with cloth backing has the alternative choice of plastic backing. All of these are high quality & guaranteed to provide maximum comfort.

Type of Adult Diapers and Incontinence Briefs

Tab-style Incontinence Diapers

Tab-style incontinence diapers are designed to provide maximum comfort. They have flexible closures that can be fastened as per the requirement so as to provide a precise fit and give added security. Unique Wellness Superio Signature Series Adult Brief is an example of this type. They have liquidity technology that locks in odors and urine in a separate layer. The Tena Super Briefs are another example of adult briefs with tabs that provides maximum bladder and bowel protection for nighttime or extended wear.

Belted Undergarments

Belted Briefs are very effective for moderate to heavy protection. These are ideal products for those who are not comfortable in briefs and do not like the ‘wrap-around’ effect. Belted Briefs come with modern style and open sides, they let the air flow in and allowing for a lighter experience. These briefs are comfortable and had wide reusable straps that fit comfortably around the waist. Convenient for those who are bound to the bed or would rather change while standing.

Stretch-Style Briefs

Stretch-Style Briefs Incontinence briefs feature stretchy side panels to provide comfortable stay-in-place fit. These stretchy side panels enable air to flow into, letting the skin breathe and remain gentle eliminating all risks of rash or irritation. These styles of briefs promote skin health and luxury. We have quite a selection here together with those with arching leg elastics to supply a much better fit and guard against leak and briefs with certain keep wide hook system.

Cloth-Backed Briefs

Briefs with Cloth-Like Backing These are briefs have a cloth-like outer cover that is comfortable and gentle against the skin. there is no damp or wet feeling due to the outer cover. Prevail Nu-Fit Maximum Absorbency Adult Briefs are highly absorbent briefs that are ideal for people with heavy bladder leakage. The 4D core with odor protection wicks fluid away quickly to promote dryness. Also available briefs with active hip-protect side panels that protect skin from excess friction and pressure.

Pull-up incontinence briefs

Pull-up incontinence briefs from Salk - Salk CareFor Ultra Mens' Brief with Odor Control Halo Shield –eliminates the unpleasant, embarrassing urine odors that result from incontinence. It features a super absorbent inner layer that quickly traps fluids and keeps the user dry. The Halo Shield under pad gets rid of 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria within a span of 10 minutes

How to choose an adult Diaper?

  • Make sure of the Size you’ll need.
  • Choose the absorbency level -heavy, medium, light, fecal and overnight,. Everyone wants to buy the highest level of absorbency brief, without compromising the diaper’s fitness.
  • Be gender-specific when choosing Adult diaper.
  • Choose between washable or disposable diapers. Reusable diapers are cheaper in term of usability over time and are more absorbent than disposable diapers
  • Consider bariatric briefs in the case of large adults. Bariatric brief comes with stretchy side panels to keep their wearer comfortable and provide a better fit to the patient and Comes in sizes like XL, XXL, XXXL, etc

Where to buy Adult Briefs and Diapers online?

Adult diapers and briefs are designed to Provide greater absorbency and comfort. They are leakage proof. Adult Diaper and Chux offers a wide range of Incontinence briefs and Diaper from top Manufacturers such as Medline Industries, Covidien/Medtronic, Attends Healthcare, First Quality - Prevail. Buy now!


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