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Tena is the world-leading brand of incontinence products, focused on enhancing the quality of everyday life of people dealing with incontinence. Tena incontinence products are designed to assist a wide range of people with varied requirements. Using high quality products when dealing with incontinence, can assure proper protection and hygiene. Everything an incontinence sufferer and his/her caregiver require to manage the condition effectively is provided by Tena. This includes the Tena Women and Tena Men range of incontinence products. Each range is specifically engineered for members of each gender. For skincare products, there is Tena skincare range created to meet the needs of fragile skin. Last, but not least, to protect bed and furniture from incontinence, Tena underpads range can be chosen. These highly absorbent underpads can be either used directly for protection of bed or furniture, or as an extra level of protection in combination with other incontinence products. All Tena incontinence products are available in a wide range of sizes.

Tena Technology - For Superior Incontinence Protection

When it comes to Tena incontinence products, people may wonder how come these products have so much absorbency with such a thin structure. Answer to this is Super Absorbent Microbeads of Tena products. These innovative microbeads retain many times their own weight in liquid and also neutralize odors. Their slim structure helps keep the user dry and comfortable. Quick-dry topsheets of Tena products speed up the absorption process and Super Absorbent Microbeads lock the moisture inside the product. Tena uses the highest quality of microbeads that maximize the performance of adult incontinence products. Microbeads used by Tena provide:

  • Faster absorption to wick the moisture away from the skin
  • Strong liquid retention, even when the user is sitting or moving
  • pH balancing to neutralize odors
  • Resistance to swelling for a comfortable and discreet fit

Tena Advantage

  • Range to Fit Different Lifestyles and Bodies: Different people have different requirements, so Tena has developed a range of adult incontinence products in various sizes, shapes and absorbency levels. It allows people to enjoy protection and comfort in any situation, all day long.
  • Anatomically Contoured for a Perfect Fit: Tena incontinence products are specifically designed to fit different contours and provide a perfect fit. They provide complete protection while allowing for plenty of movement.
  • Advanced Odor Protection: With Tena products there is no need to worry about embarrassing odors. PH-balanced odor protection eliminates odors, minimizes the growth of bacteria and leaves the user feeling fresh.
  • Faster Absorption means Nothing Escapes: Even a little leak can create an embarrassing moment. For that purpose, Tena adult incontinence products are constructed with high-speed surface inlets for quick absorption.
  • Tena Technology for Ultra Discretion: Tena incontinence products contain Super Absorbent Microbeads that can quickly lock moisture away. Once the moisture is absorbed, it is kept away from the skin to keep the user fresh, comfortable and dry.

Incontinence Products for Women

Tena incontinence products for women help keep them confident with protection for unexpected leaks. They are designed for comfort and performance. These products let the user do what she loves, without missing out any special moment or experience.

Pantiliners & Ultra Thin Pads

Tena incontinence liners are made super absorbent for protection from urine leaks and ultra thin for discretion. All ultra thin pads and liners feature Tena Triple Protection against wetness, leaks and odor. They are designed with a cotton soft top sheet to provide a soft and comfortable feel against the skin. Tena liners provide a comfortable and secure fit with a soft silky surface just like a regular panty liner.


Tena pads are designed with the female body in mind. They have elastic side gathers for a comfortable and secure fit. Using the Tena Technology, these pads lock away moisture and odor to enhance user confidence and keep the skin fresh and dry. Tena pads are safer, drier and more comfortable than traditional sanitary protection.


Tena underwear for women makes them feel as comfortable as they do in regular underwear. The soft, cloth-like material provides comfort, leakage protection and security. They can be pulled on and off like regular underwear, with the tear away sides for added convenience.


Tena incontinence briefs for women help them get more discretion and comfort. Just like adult diapers, they feature hook fasteners for easy and unlimited refastenability. Their elastic leg gathers provide the user with protection and comfort. They are available in a variety of absorbency levels and sizes.

Pad and Pants System

Adult incontinence pads and reusable knit pants help women stay clean and dry. They provide protection from light leaks to overnight protection for heavy leaks. The oval-shaped elastics, contoured core and soft, non-woven back sheet give the user gentle and comfortable protection.

Incontinence Products For Men

Tena incontinence products for Men provide them protection from the unexpected leaks. They come in different sizes and levels of absorbency to ensure that each user finds the product most suitable to him. Tena products help men carry out their normal activities without any compromise.


Tena Men guards are shaped specially for the male anatomy and provide light to super bladder leakage protection. The cup shape makes the guard comfortable to wear and the soft side elastic creates a snug and secure fit. Ultra-absorbent core instantly locks in liquid and secure absorption zone keeps the user dry and protects against leaks. Tena Men guards fit discreetly and securely in the underwear.


Tena incontinence underwear for men provides a fit that is as comfortable as regular male underwear. They feature gentle, elastic waistband, tear-away sides and slim protection that lets the user get on with the living.


Tena briefs for men provide comfort with a customizable fit. They feature super-absorbent microbeads, wetness indicator and a moisture-proof lining. Tena incontinence briefs also offer curved leg elastics and refastenable hook tabs for a comfortable fit that stays in place and helps the user stay confident.

Pad and Pants System

Tena adult incontinence pads and pants allow men to have a clean, dry and comfortable everyday experience. Tena adult pads are available in a range of light absorbency to overnight protection. Soft back sheet, contoured core and oval-shaped elastics allow for gentle protection and peace of mind.

Underpads and Disposable Bed Pads

Tena disposable bed pads absorb leakage, provide protection, control bacteria and reduce odors. Disposable underpads keep chairs, beds and other furniture dry so that the user stays comfortable and secure.

Tena Personal Care Accessories

Tena skincare range keeps the skin clean and moisturized. Tena flushable wipes, disposable washcloths, body wash and shampoos help soothe and provide gentle care to the skin. Every time when an incontinence product is changed, Tena personal care accessories can gently cleanse and protect the sensitive, fragile skin without the need to rinse off. Tena skincare products are perfect for repeated cleansing when use of water and soap can dry the skin. They are suitable for full body cleansing in bathroom, bed and similar settings.

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