Thinking About Urinals And Bedpans? 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Them

A common problem around the world, incontinence, has been tackled by the modern medical world in more ways than one. Each and every method used to cope with incontinence has its advantages and disadvantages. But each method is in some way effective for the user. One of these many methods is the use of urinals and bedpans.

Urinals and bedpans are items used to empty the bowels or urinate while being near the bed. A bedpan is mostly recommended for defecating whereas urinals are meant for urination. But why should one use them? How much difference does it actually make? We will address these questions as we move forward.

1. Assist in Emergency Incontinence Situations

Almost all incontinence situations are emergency situations. One cannot possibly avoid the act of urinating or defecating under any circumstance. But what if the situation is too tense for the individual to run to the bathroom. This is where urinals and bedpans come into play. They allow the user to effectively urinate near the bed without having to rush to the bathroom. This increases the confidence of the user and also reduces the fear of involuntary urination.

2. Help maintain Health and Hygiene

Urination and defecation are involuntarily linked to hygiene and the inability to control the bladder results in leakage which might over time increase the chances of an unhygienic environment. Infection, moisture, skin irritation, rashes, etc. are linked to involuntary leakages and bedpans and urinals allow the individual to empty themselves without having to fear any mishap while they are on their way to the bathroom. This in turn also increases the health of the user as they no longer have to hold on or control their urge to urinate.

3. Urinals and Bedpans are Cost Effective

Urinals and bedpans are reusable items and can be cleaned after each use. Wearing a diaper or underwear can also help you fight incontinence, but it might be an expensive affair if you have to keep changing undergarments during the day. This increases the cost and hence is not very feasible. Bedpans or urinals can save you money as they ensure longevity as compared to diapers or underpants.

4. Waste Disposal is simpler

We all know how tedious it can be to dispose of diapers or underwear. One has to learn the entire hygienic process of disposing of underwear and diapers. But in the case of urinals and bedpans, a simple draining into the toilet is enough. They can then be washed with soapy warm water and after an antibacterial spray on them, they are ready to be used again.

5. Urinals are not just for Incontinence

Though they are an important part of incontinence care, they are not restricted to it. Chronically ill or bed-ridden patients are also one of the major users of urinals and bedpans in today’s time. Since they cannot go to the bathroom on their own and taking them to the bathroom is a task in itself, it is safer and easier for the patient to use a urinal or a bedpan to empty themselves. If the patient can move around a little themselves, then the use of the urinal or bedpan doesn’t even require a caregiver each time. It increases confidence and independence in the user, manifold.

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