Common Myths and Facts about Incontinence

  • It is common to get incontinence in old age - Although the risk of incontinence gets higher with age, anyone can experience symptoms at any time. Proper control on bladder can decrease with reduction in estrogens level (with age). It is a myth that once you hit a certain age number, you are destined to have incontinence. Your pelvic floor muscle plays a significant role. These muscles can be strengthened by doing certain exercises like the way we train our other muscle groups. Though they are hard to see and locate.
  • Problems initiated with childbirth - Childbirths do increase the risk, but they aren't always related. The pelvic floor muscles can be weakened by the added weight and pressure of pregnancy. Within the duration of 2 months, temporary loss of bladder control after childbirth gets under control. With some extra work after the episiotomy surgery, it can be easier to regain the control. Keep your doctor informed about the situation and once the proper reason is known, you can then undergo the effective treatment.

 Common Myths and Facts about IncontinenceCommon Myths and Facts about Incontinence

  • Incontinence in men can be the outcome of prostate surgery – It is estimated that about 20% to 25% of Americans with incontinence are men. Sometimes men experience incontinence while recovering from prostate surgery, but it is believed to be temporary. Some may experience it for more than 5 months. It is more common among men those who had incontinence before operation or previously had the surgeries. Medical treatment can help in these cases and can improve the condition.
  • I got it and I have to live with it - Incontinence should not affect the way you live. Meet your doctor and ask for the treatment. Reduction and elimination of urinary incontinence is possible till an extent in current time. Treatment could be of behavioural therapies, medications and sometimes surgery, to control underlying problems.
  • It’s too late to do anything about it There is no pre-defined age for the effectiveness of treatment in both men and women. Initiate the process by talking to your doctor and determine the cause of problem. Making some general changes like, reducing caffeine intake and certain medications intake can bring the difference.

Common Myths and Facts about IncontinenceCommon Myths and Facts about Incontinence

  • I feel embarrassed to tell doctor about my urine leakage at check-ups - In many people, with time, incontinence gets more frequent and it becomes necessary for them to think over next steps. It is best to immediately speak to doctor as soon as such a situation arises. It can save the years of discomfort. Your doctor will properly diagnose you and will start the treatment or will recommend the best specialist for you.

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