Briefs/Diapers Aside: What Else Do I Need to Deal with Incontinence?

Briefs/Diapers Aside: What Else Do I Need to Deal with Incontinence?

By Kevin Cleary

Dealing with incontinence can be an embarrassing and even humiliating issue. Once we choose the appropriate briefs/diaper for us the next question we need to answer is are there any other products out there that can make my life easier? There are a wide range of high quality products on the market to help protect your self-esteem and quality of life. A little research will go a long way in finding products that will help you deal with your incontinence.

Alarm Devices

These devices are specifically designed alarm systems for people who are incontinence at night. They detect moisture and leakage and alerts and awakens the wearer. This hopefully minimizes bedwetting and incontinence episodes. For example, the Malem Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System can be used for both children and geriatric incontinence control. It offers eight random sounds to prevent auditory accommodation. It’s easy to set up and can be used with any pair of underpants. The Mabis DMI Dri Sleeper Wetness Alert Device is effective for treating bedwetting by alerting the wearer the bed or pajamas are wet. It conditions the user to waken to urinate and even suppress the need to urinate during the night. The manufacturer Nite Trainer offers the Nite Wet Call Bed Wetting Control Device which uses a moisture sensing pad attached to an alarm box to combat bedwetting. They even offer Nite Replacement Sensor Pads for the Nite Wet Call Bedwetting Control Device. Another option is the Urocare DRI Excel Bed-Wetting Alarm System. The alarm unit is worn on the shoulder and the sensor in the underwear. When the sensor detects moisture the alarm sounds waking the user. This unit also offers replacement sensors. The Koregon DVC (Dual Volume Control) Nite Train-r Bedwetting Alarm uses a sensor worn in the underwear that triggers the alarm with as little as one or two drops of urine. It is easy to use and set up and will awaken the user before the bladder is empty.

Reusable Pads

The use of these pads can protect mattresses and other furniture such as chairs from the embarrassment of incontinence. For the protection of upholstered chairs there are options such as the Mabis DMI Tapestry Protective Pad, which has a waterproof protective bottom layer and is machine washable. Another option is the Priva Soff-Quilt Reusable Chair Pad that keeps chairs dry and clean. It has an absorbent inner liner and vinyl backing to protect the surface from fluid damage and soiling. Plus it offers multiple colors to match your upholstery as best as possible!! The Medline SilverTouch Odor-Control Antimicrobial Reusable Underpad uses an antimicrobial called SilverClear to reduce odor causing bacteria. Also, ReliaMed Quilted Reusable Underpads are great for protection day or night. They use for layer protection, with the patient’s side (top) made of an 80%/20% cotton and polyester (known as Ibex) material. The bottom is made of a two layer PVC material for waterproof and nonslip backing. Both of these reusable underpads can be used to protect mattresses as well as other furnishings such as couches and chairs. The manufacturer Salk makes the Carefor Deluxe Designer Print Reusable Underpads which is designed for chairs and wheelchairs. They are available in several patterns and are latex free. AT Surgical Seat Pads are another option that are made from three different materials. The bottom layer is a 100% waterproof Unishield with a heavy duty felt middle layer and the top layer to wick away moisture from the user. The use of these products can help sufferers maintain their self-esteem and quality of life.

Exercise, Yes Exercise

Some incontinence symptoms can be treated with exercise, but you must target the proper areas. In some patients with incontinence the muscles that control the bladder can become weakened whether by injury or old age. If these muscles become stronger, the ability to control our bladders can also increase. Pelvic exercises are a great way to target the correct muscles. Ball Dynamics FitBall Exercises for the Pelvic Floor DVD with clear, easy to use tools for pelvic exercise. Another exercise device is the Comfortland Pneumatic Pelvic Muscle Trainer. This trainer can help strengthen pelvic muscles to avoid leaks, accidents, and sudden urges. Of course, before beginning any exercise routine you should consult a doctor or physical therapist.