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Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

By Ayush Henry

Incontinence is an accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder or bowel motion, faeces or wind from the bowel. To get relieve from this situation different types of absorbent products are available. It is important to understand what exactly the product does and which product is right for your personal need. Decide the product as per its special features, brand and cost.

Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

Incontinence pads, and liners 

Pads and liners are easily available in a variety of shapes and sizes. With the help of adhesive strips pad and liners they can be secured to undergarments. They are easy to replace when soiled. Pads and liners are right solution for those suffering from light incontinence.

Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

Belted or Beltless undergarments 

Belted undergarments are the pads or liners which have a strap that can be worn with or without regular undergarment. There are number of brand offering belted undergarments that are generally effective for moderate to heavy protection.  Best sellers include Cardinal and Medline. They provide moderate level of protection but with exceptional polymer-assisted fluid-retention quality. Beltless undergarments can be worn inside ordinary underwear, with mesh pants or waterproof pants. They provide moderate level of protection but with exceptional polymer-assisted fluid-retention quality. They adhere to the underwear or pants with an adhesive strip for secure placement. Some of these can also be used for faecal incontinence. Go for brand like Kendall.

Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

Pull Ups and Underwear

Pulls ups and underwear are like regular underpants and therefore, quite popular and especially suitable for those who lead an active life and are not confined to the bed. Both disposable and reusable are readily available in various shapes and sizes. Each offers varying degrees of absorbency, moisture wicking capability, and odor control. Manufacturers design these protective underwear and incontinence pants in varying styles and levels of protection to safeguard against leaks and provide dependable, discreet safety. Check out the top selling brand like Prevail.

Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

Disposable briefs

They are more commonly known as adult diapers. Disposable briefs are highly absorbent and are often used for heavy incontinence. Kendall, Tranquility & Tena offers great absorbency with briefs made of comfortable and breathable material. They are skin friendly and can be used on-the-go. These protective undergarments typically offer the most consistent leakage protection, and are most secure in terms of fit and staying in place.

Choosing right product for your need is the key to comfort. For more brands and better information visit AdultDiapersAndChux.